BPI Experience

BPI has been in Asia since the early 80's, and have been in Japan and China since 1983. We have learned how to be successful in the Asian society by adapting to the Asian paradigm in conducting business. There is a different set of standards in every part of the world and even in different areas of a country, just like in America.

We have learned over decades of experiences to adapt the business model you are dealing in and making it your own. It is the exporter who must adapt. The big difference is to learn who and when to trust your instincts or a piece of paper. What do you trust, a report or your eyes. Seems easy enough. Some would think so. It is obvious that some manufactures and distributors have had success in Asia. Just ask Dell computers, PPG or Wal-Mart.

BPI in China

Most of our clients are not the types of companies that can pour through money until it works. Yes, some have been successful. Wal-Mart is the largest chain store in Asia; McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken thrive on success. Our clients are mostly 1st time exporters to the USA. They need support that they can depend upon when problems arise, and they always do.

Business Point Inc. has the staff to address and attack any situation. What is most important is that we cover all of Asia. When a new company or product seeks goals in a global economy where the difference between failure and success is having the best ideas, guidance and leadership available. As the market development begins, product introduction will be designated to adapt to market change.